Stamped Concrete


Why Stamped Concrete?

Stamped or decorative concrete can give your pool deck, stairs, driveway or patio the look of slate, tile or natural stone, without the negative results of deterioration or poor lifespan for your investment. Coming in a variety if stamps and colours to choose from stamped concrete can enhance the look of any surface and is easy to maintain once installed. Pleasing to the eye and durable, its no wonder that more and more people are turning towards stamped concrete as their long term solution for a variety of concrete projects.

MeglaMix35© – Meglacon’s Own Specialized Stamped Concrete Mix.

One of the many factors that set Meglacon aside from our competition is a custom stamp mix we designed and tested through Lafarge. Our mix was designed in Ontario against the toughest conditions with quality assurance professionals in the ready mix industry to ensure:

  • Less water is required for beautiful finish. This prevents separation of the aggregate to cement which can otherwise lead to spalding, popping, or flaking
  • Strength capacity increased. Meglamix35© uses 35 MPa instead of the industry standard of 32C2, increasing the pounds per square inch.
  • Optimized admixtures for workability & longevity. Air-entraining, plasticizing, and retarding adjustments have been made for a superior final product.
  • Custom colour hardeners, or mixed-through truck integral colouring. Our colours are designed for maximum resistance against the effects of UV sunlight and topical traffic.

Colour Hardener Choices

Colour Chart

We Warranty Our Work With a Winning Building Process.

Phase 1: Excavation and disposal of existing material down to clay to allow for solid grounds to begin your project.

Phase 2: 3 ¼ clear aggregate base compacted up to depth of concrete application.

Phase 3: Custom forming with our Polymeta form line for beautiful curvature, steps, flatwork, and vertical applications

Phase 4: Epoxy dowelled rebar is tied to supporting structures and/or throughout the project 16” O.C to ensure maximum durability and risk of cracking.

Phase 5: MeglaMix35© is used to pour and finish concrete with our premium color hardener and release powder line of products. Your choice of stamps and borders is at no additional charge.

Phase 6: Parging the finished product to match along with decoratively placed relief cuts and a commercial grade sealer nicely seals the project up for you to enjoy the following day.