Concrete Finishing


Meglacon’s Concrete finishing crews are professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in the trade. We take our process seriously. From the initial consultation phasing to finishing touches, our flatwork specialists are ready to accommodate your concrete finishing needs.

With over 50 employees, Meglacon is ready to accommodate residential, commercial & institutional, industrial, municipal, and agricultural concrete finishing applications.

Some laser screed floors include:

– Factories                                                – Stores                             -Plazas & Strip Malls

– Schools                                                    -Halls                               -Parking Garages

– Factories                                        -Storage Facilities               – Chicken/Dairy Barns

Concrete Finishing Applications

Meglacon’s different divisions each specialize in a range of concrete finishing services. To learn more about these services, you can review some of the direct website pages or call to speak with a technician today.

  • Super Flat & High Tolerance Floors
  • Laser-Guided Vibratory Screed Technology
  • Epoxy & Urethane Coating Systems
  • Decorative Stamped Concrete
  • Steel Reinforcing
  • Place & Finish
  • Grind & Polish
  • Floor Hardeners
  • Concrete Densification
  • & Much More.

Call 1-800-850-6681 today to learn more about the service we can provide for your next project.