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Published in Concrete
Concrete Materials

The importance of proper construction and materials used in concrete

Proper construction and the use of proper materials can go a long way when it comes to increasing the longevity of your project. This is why it is important to understand what the desired traits of a completed concrete project are. The general consensus on desirable traits are strength, durability and watertightness.

The strength of concrete can be divided into two categories, compressive and tensile. Compressive strength should be high since this is what is used to measure how concrete is able to withstand loads. This number should be higher, while tensile strength should be lower. Tensile strength refers to how much concrete is able to bend under pressure (rebar is used to achieve greater tensile strength). The strength of concrete is dictated by the ratio of cement to mixing water as well as ratio of cement to aggregates, strength of the mortar, the bond between mortar, the coarse aggregate and so on.

In addition to strength, durability is a quality in concrete which is much sought after. Concrete with a higher durability will last longer. It determines how long concrete can last without any significant deterioration from weathering, chemical attack and abrasion. Concrete durability can be increased with regulating the amount of water and cement used in the mixture depending on what type of work it is being used for.

The type of rebar used can also effect the overall product as well. Rusted rebar can cause further corrosion in the concrete if incorporated into the concrete. Rust should however, not be mistaken for surface rust which can form on rebar while it is being stored in yards prior to being purchased. You can easily identify surface rust because when scraped, there is clean metal underneath it.

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