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Published in Concrete

Commercial Storefronts: Preventing Liabilities with Heaving Concrete Repairs

Trip and fall hazards can be a nightmare for commercial storefronts leading to unnecessary stress for the owner. Accidents can and will happen, though this does not mean that they aren’t preventable. In today’s blog, we will be examining some of the ways in which concrete repair work can help with that.

Tree roots, natural shifting, or settling of ground can cause sidewalks to become uneven. While in past times this could mean the demolition and repaving of an entire project, with advances in concrete technology, construction companies are now able to provide concrete grinding. The process takes mere minutes, grinding down the raised side of the concrete and removing the potential trip and fall risk.

In addition to the raised lips which can occur, concrete may sink or sag overtime as well, creating lowered points which can fill with water. This is especially dangerous in the winter months when ice has a tendency to form overtop. These uneven dips can also be fixed with ease by clearing away a layer of old concrete through scarification and pouring a new layer on top to fill the gap.

Repairs to concrete will always be inevitable, but there are precautions which can be taken before such things are needed and Meglacon Concrete strives to do so. Using dowel bars which, when added, help prevent the joints from faulting between the slabs is a way of ensuring that heights don’t require as many repairs.

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