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Concrete countertops are just one of the latest trends for residential and commercial renovations. Whether at home, in the office or in restaurants, they are incredibly versatile, with an unlimited colour pallet and can be customized fully to a customer’s specifications. These designs can be further enhanced with staining and texturing techniques. Highly durable, easy to clean and with comparable prices to granite, concrete countertops can give your interior a truly unique feel and presence to them.


Concrete countertops vary in price depending on the custom design and thickness, ranging from $100 - $220 per sqft for a 1.5 – 2 inch thick concrete countertop.


Take a look at some of the advantages to concrete countertops over synthetic solid surfaces, engineered quartz, granite, tile and laminate.


  Granite Synthetic Solid Surface Tile Laminate Engineered Quartz Concrete
Visible seams or grout linesLarge concrete countertops will have seams, but the appearance can be minimized with the use of a color-matched filler. Yes No Yes No No No, when seam filler is used
Needs sealingIn its natural state, concrete is porous and may stain. Applying a surface sealer will make the concrete water and stain resistant. Yes No No No No Yes
Stain resistant No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, when sealed
Color optionsColor options with concrete are nearly endless with integral color, staining, or both. This gives you the ability to coordinate or match the countertop with other colors in a room. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unlimited
Cast in any shapeConcrete can be cast in any shape and practically any size. No No No No No Yes
Endless edge detailsContractors can create custom edge forms to replicate any design using molding products such as extruded styrene or liquid rubber or plastic.  No No No No No Yes
Accepts inserts and inlaysConcrete countertops can be personalized with unique embedded items such as pebbles, recycled glass and seashells. No No No No No Yes
Appearance can improve with ageConcrete is not a static material. It will evolve and acquire character over time, developing a warm patina. No No No No No Yes
Resistant to high heatConcrete is very heat resistant, but avoid placing hot pots or pans on sealed surfaces, since the heat can damage or discolor the sealer. Yes No Yes No Yes Yes, unless treated with a sealer or wax
Average cost per square foot $100-$200* $90-$120* $10-$90* $25-$50* $100-$200* $65-$135
(For a standard 1.5-inch-thick countertop. 


Meglacon’s concrete countertop specialists work with Butterfield’s premium products. The products offer cutting edge industry materials for life long concrete countertop solutions with fiber and glass reinforced, 11,000 PSI self-consolidating mix. Polishing of countertop can begin just 8 hours within pouring.


See a list below of Butterfield Uni-Mix colors available for your project.


Autumn Oak Brick Red Charcoal Clary Sage

Coral Buff Deep Charcoal Georgia Clay Gull Gray

Hampshire Red Harvest Wheat Lanon Stone Millstone

Mocha Brown Pewter Salt Marsh Gray Sandstone

Santa Fe Buff Shadow Slate Sienna Smoke

Soapstone Sonoran Tan Sunset Beige Weathered Terra Cotta


Contact Meglacon today for a quote on your concrete countertop project. We service Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area (Clarington, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Oshawa, Whitby, Brooklin, Ajax, Pickering, Uxbridge, Scarborough, and Toronto)

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